Hello friends and welcome to my blog! It’s taken me some time, but I’m ready to show my name to the world. I am a milliennal named Jenny Chang who lives in Washington State. I have a dog named Shadow; she is the drawing in the corner that my friend drew for me since I can’t draw.

I watch a lot of movies and TV shows and always think about a lot of different things that are going on. And most of the times, I always tell Shadow about it. So I thought, why not post about it? I’m sure some people were thinking the same thing. So bascially, it is a rambling brain thinking about why and how and what the hell.

Sometimes, you will read some unpopular opinions about some of the entertainment I watch. And you are welcome to comment on it and tell me that I’m wrong or whatever. But let’s be nice here. No harsh words.

Some days I want to talk about my animals and what they are doing because I find it hilarious. So be prepared for things like that.

I know you may think “Jenny is so weird for doing this.” But you know what? Why not? I get bored. I have lots of thoughts. Technology has given me the opportunity to do this. So let’s do it.

I try to post once a week, so enjoy.

Peace and love my friends.