Captain Marvel is a Movie Worth Watching

SPOILERS AHEAD. But this movie is now being shown in theaters, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. The theater will be packed so get in there early. But it is worth the money you pay for the ticket and the refreshments (buy popcorn).

First things first: Goose the Cat stole the show anytime he appeared on the screen. Truly a gift to the movie. And perfection. Love that Nick Fury still took care of him after he clawed his eye out!

goose the cat

And yes, Goose deserves this whole space because he is a wonderful, perfect cat.

There is a little chip that “controls” Carol Danvers powers. They made her believe she was given these powers by the Kree when she wasn’t, and the chip can stop her from using it. When she starts to discover who she is and her past memories about her powers and the first encounters with that butt Jude Law‘s character, I couldn’t stop whispering to the screen for Carol to take off that stupid chip. But it was worth it when she overpowered the Supreme and pretty much took it off herself.

The opening sequence of Marvel Comics before every movie this time was dedicated to Stan Lee, one of Marvel’s treasures. It was of his cameos and it was just him. And they thanked him. The theater clapped and did little cheers for him. As we all should. And he still managed to get a cameo in the movie before he died. Thank goodness. It was a really special cameo.

End credits for the movie are a must watch. The leftover Avengers meet Captain Marvel, who naturally hasn’t aged a bit, and let me tell you, the theater was thrilled. I’m thrilled. We will see her in Endgame and I’m ready for her to make Thanos eat his words.

And Goose carries the Tesseract, but I’m still confused about it in terms of the timeline. How does it all work with Captain America: The First Avenger? I also wish there was a gif out there for Goose puking out the Tesseract on Nick Fury’s desk.

I love you Brie Larson and all the contributors to making this movie happen.


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