“The Umbrella Academy” Has Left Me With Many Unanswered Questions

I guess Marvel TV shows are out of the picture, but that doesn’t mean comic (superhero) TV shows are. Netflix brought us “The Umbrella Academy” and I gotta say, it is quite dark. And frustrating. And confusing. I have so many questions about it all. I’m sure I could read the comics and learn some of it, but how often are the comic books and TV shows/movies the same? But either way, I’m still going to ask them anyway and hope somebody can give me an answer. SPOILER ALERT.


What happened to Ben/Number Six?

All I learn is that he is dead and that Klaus (Number Four) can speak to the dead. And Ben frequently sticks around with him and keeps him company. And that Ben died young. But seriously, what happened? That poor beautiful boy. Although I do remember the episode where they were taking down armed robbers at a bank and Ben seemed very upset towards his job. So…did Reginald do something to him?

EDIT: I think Ben killed himself…you never see any injuries and he wasn’t too thrilled to do this “job” he was required to do.

Why umbrellas? 

Other than the fact that there is an umbrella store open for sale, how the hell does that work out? I guess we could go back to high school English and analyze the “symbol” of the show. The umbrella covers you? The umbrella protects you from the rain?

Why is there no name for Vanya’s powers?

This is what I know: Vanya (Number Seven) has powerful abilities. But this is what I know about the others: someone can alter reality with their words; someone can jump through space and time; someone is super strong. The comic book generic description says, thanks to Wikipedia, that she is capable of releasing destructive waves. But isn’t there a term for it? Just releasing destructive waves? She reminds me of Jean Grey. Maybe Vanya’s superhero power term is “telekensis” or something.

Why wasn’t Number Five given a name if the others were named by “Mom”?

They only call him “Five”. They all only call him Five. But they all have different names. They have human names. Instead of the names their father gave them as numbers. So what about Number Five? Or did he just refuse to accept one?

How do the masks stay on?


How did Allison learn her about her powers? 

Did she just start saying random stuff until she realized that if she said “I heard a rumor…”? I only say Allison (Number Three because I think it would be kind of clear for the others to figure out their ability. I’m sure Luther (Number One) figured that out when he accidentally punched a hole in the wall and it brought down the building or something. Diego (Number Two) probably enjoyed staying underwater for a long period of time just to prove that he was better than Luther. And then throwing knives was a tactic for the kids to protect themselves, just like training in hand-to-hand combat. Klaus must have gone crazy listening to all the voices or seeing the dead, so that must’ve been easy to figure out his powers. (This instance reminded me of Professor X and how stressed he was with his telepathic abilities). And then Ben must’ve figured out his abilities by just accidentally unleashing a beast. But what about Allison? Those are very specific words. How did she and Sir Reginald Hargreeves figure out that those four words were the key to her power?

Why wasn’t there more flashbacks of the kids in action?

It just would’ve been really cool to see some more. I like seeing kids with their powers in action. How they deal with it or how they used them in the past.

Why are people so rude?

I think it’s so funny when people are like, trying to help them use their powers or unlock their potential, and then they get so surprised when it turns against them. Umbrella Academy, but also for example in Avatar the Last Airbender when the Earth Kingdom General wanted Aang to get into the Avatar State and got freaked out and upset when Aang tried to hurt him. So I’m not really shocked when Vanya killed Harold.

Also, why did the brothers not listen to Allison? DOESN’T THE WORLD UNDERSTAND THAT WOMEN ARE ALWAYS RIGHT?

…And some comments

Even if Allison used her gift occasionally to get movie roles, she clearly must have been good if she still continued to get roles and people enjoyed her.

One rumor was “I heard a rumor that I’m a perfect fit for this role.” Of course we don’t know other things about it, but even though she lied her way into getting a role, the police officer out there still knew her and thought she was great. She was on the red carpet because she’s a good actress. So I guess even though she abused her gift a couple of times to get where she wanted, I bet she didn’t have to use it many more times.

Ellen Page is faking playing violin. And it really bothers me. 

I played the violin when I was growing up and first off, I hate it. But it’s very tricky. The pieces she is supposed to be playing are really advanced, so that means her fingers have to change places quite frequently on the instrument, plus the bow will move in a particular way. When she holds the bow, you can see her being a little tense. She’s thinking about how she should be holding the bow. After you start playing the violin for a while, or any string instrument, the bow holding is so natural and relaxed.

There is also the pressure you put on the strings when you are playing and the speed. When Ellen seems to play when she picks up, the bow is moving side to side while moving up and down. It should be moving up and down in a straight line. I guess you can also tell she probably doesn’t know how to play violin professionally or whatever, because every time you see her play, her face is covered almost always. Except for the finale. Her face was visible playing in the finale, although there was a lot of CGI covering her face to make her glow white, so I don’t think that’s still her playing. Side note: vibrato is pretty hard to master.

I don’t think Ellen Page was fit to play this role.

Similar to watching Divergent and thinking that Shailene Woodley wasn’t really fit to play this role. This is only my opinion of course. Not sure who it would be, but either way, Ellen is still a badass and did a great job in the role.

Super predictable of who was the most powerful one before it was even revealed.

Isn’t it predictable that the one who is left out or isolated becomes the villian? Or the one who causes destruction? The only example I can come up with from the top of my head is Loki from Marvel.

Such a good soundtrack.

The violin is one of the best instruments in the world…to listen to. I don’t want to play it. But I respect the people who can. The melodies they produce are amazing. They sound so good. They made the show so much better. Those pieces brought so much more emotion to it. And also, the older music like “Istanbul” by They Might Be Giants. I really enjoyed having that in there.

That’s all. I am still very grateful for what content Netflix brings us. So much to talk about now!


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