Unpopular Opinion: Non-Mutants are Real Scaredy Cat Jerks

I have “X-Men: Apocalypse” on DVD, and I got bored so I decided let’s watch it. Again, such a creative movie and I love Marvel. And all the X-Men movies seem to revolve around people fighting against mutants, with some hating them, some scared of them, and some just living among them, not caring. At least I’d like to think. And this movie again, brings that to light, and it made me angry again to see humans losing their mind over mutants again. What happens in this movie allows people to be angry and scared at the mutants, but they still sort of overreact. It’s just an unpopular opinion.

The first time I really saw non-mutants acting like jerks was with Magneto, or Erik Lehnsherr in Poland. Magneto saves a guy from dying after Apocalypse wakes up, causing that termor. And the first thing people do is try to kill him or take him in. Even after he has been peaceful to everyone since he has lived there for 10 years. And the people think that it’s okay to hold his daughter captive so they can take him in. And he’s done good things and he’s been quiet in the town and yet they decide that it is time to ruin his life. If he has lived in your town for that long, not killing anyone, then why decide now because he’s exposed himself to jail him or kill him? And then you cause a horrible accident. The people who have kept him calm, have kept in sane, have kept him happy, and that causes people to do dangerous things. And the police said it themselves, he’s a killer. So this accident really brought back the killer in him…

Then you got Colonel William Stryker, a pure bastard, who hates mutants. To my understanding, he wants to get rid of them, or I guess make them weapons (Wolverine). The comic book history is that he hates mutants because he is religious, although I don’t know what religion and why a religion said to hate them. But what makes me laugh the most is that he probably sees them as dangerous and disgusting people. And if you tell someone that, or if you torture them, then hell yeah they’ll be dangerous. They’ll want to fight back against someone who is hurting them. Question though, how does killing all the mutants in the world save the world?

Also, Stryker made Wolverine with his adamantium skelton. Stryker hates mutants, and he makes a Weapon X, and then they get frustrated when Wolverine is lose and killing people. And he gets scared and the guards keep trying to kill him. Everyone knew when they initially grabbed Wolverine that he is pretty much immortal (the regenerative healing factor) and he has anger issues. So you’re surprised that he’s killing everyone. And because he’s killing people, you reignite your hatred for them. WELL DUH. Of course you’re going to hate people because they’re killing people. But Stryker, you need to take responsibility for it. You made this happen, so suck it up and quite being a jerk.

So maybe mutants are misunderstood. But it brings back the idea that there is always going to be good and bad humans. So it’s fair to be scared of all mutants, but it’s also fair to ask for help from mutants. I don’t understand that people’s is to run away or just not be around mutants. I couldn’t say what would be my first instinct, but I know that I would want to try to show that I have no problem with them co-existing in this world with me. We are still humans. What’s wrong with sharing the love?

Side note: super glad that this event didn’t actually happen though. Could you imagine?!? And I love Sophie Turner.


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