Hottie Christian Bale Annoyed Me Talking to Sam Worthington in “Terminator Salvation”

I know that the Terminator series are quite popular, thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and “Terminator Salvation” is… But let me tell you, it did also have some other goregous men: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, and the late great Anton Yelchin. And then there are the perfect women: Helena Bonham Carter, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Moon Bloodgood.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to think of the film, but all I knew is a few things: (1) Christian Bale is in it and I love him very much, (2) it’s a Terminator movie…so it’s gotta be good, and (3) it’s an action movie and I love action movies. And it was still a good movie. I think I should watch all of the Terminator movies, but I do know that this one was still dope.

Like all good movies, there is always one thing I can’t stop thinking about and all the feelings I get. One I felt frequently was annoyance. It mostly starts with people being frustrated that John Conner must be the most important person in the world, when they are literally making him the most important person in the world. He is leading attacks and is a crucial part of the Resistance and people are making him important, even though they don’t think he is. Maybe if I watched all the movies though, I would understand everything. Ha…yeah….

And then the issue that Conner has with Terminators. That’s completely fair to be upset with a robot that has taken over the world. But then, Marcus Wright arrives, completely oblivious to the fact that he is a Terminator model, and more or less accidentially infiltrates the Resistance headquarters and Conner’s immediate reaction is to torture Wright. A little too extreme if you ask me.

So Conner and Wright are now face to face. Conner believes that Wright is sent to kill him specifically, and then the rest of the people in the building. I got annoyed because I knew that Wright wouldn’t kill anybody, but I forgot that they don’t know what I know. And I also forgot that they are in a war against machines, so it is probably natural for them to think that any machine is going to kill them. So then I let it go. But once Blair Williams released Wright from his little chain prison, Wright ran away with Williams, not killing anybody or trying to attack anybody. Instead, everyone attacked him and Williams. Now, let’s go back to the idea that Conner had of Wright killing him and everyone else. Wright has escaped. If Wright was tasked to kill Conner and the crew, he most likely would’ve killed Williams and then killed everyone else. Instead, he ran away, still trying to not kill anybody, and ended up escaping…ish.

Now I totally get that in the end, Wright was secretly designed to do infiltration. So secretly that even he didn’t know about it. But what’s funny is that Skynet seemed to underestimate the human side of him. I remember that in the “Suicide Squad” movie, when Amanda Waller mentioned the problem with meta-humans is the human side of them. Wright still had emotions and a heart and felt like he needed to help the humans. He didn’t do anything wrong to the humans because he still is a human. So I wasn’t really surprised that he kind of betrayed Skynet.

At the end, I was still annoyed with Conner when he had some doubts towards Wright. Again, that’s fair to have, but jeez, get over it now. He led you to Kyle Reese. Can you just…chill? And also, why does he keep trying to kill Terminators with guns? Why do they do that? They’re literally bulletproof. Okay, well some seem to be killed by guns. Barely…Why are you wasting bullets? Why aren’t you finding another weapon that can do the job better? That’s probably why you were in serious trouble of getting killed all the freaking time.

Anyway, dope movie. I love action movies. I love these actors. Good way to waste time.


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