Why I Don’t Trust Rotten Tomatoes: Transformers-The Last Knight

Rotten Tomatoes is an important indicator of how good a movie is…to most people. Sometimes these ratings are what determine if people will go watch the movie in theaters or not. I don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes because I know that some parts of the movie I would find amazing while the reviewers might hate it. And that is the case with “Transformers: The Last Knight.” The rating they got was 15%.

The first thing I think people should realize is that this is a whole other universe. This is something new that people came up with. This is a new concept. It is unique. That is something that should be taken into account when it comes to reviews. I don’t think it matters how many movies there have been about the same universe, it is still unique each time. You have the Transformers Reaction Force (TRF) that is a military force pretty much against Transformers and the secret society.

The TRF is a little bit depressing. The movie made me feel for the Transformers in hiding. But I kept thining about how the world kind of overreaccted to the Transformers. In a way, they are similar to superheroes: they save the world from destruction, or in some superhero terms, simply crime. And it’s true, superheroes cause destruction as they are saving the world from it, but it’s kind of inevitable. If you are super strong, or super large in the Transformers case, how will you not cause damage? You can go into the empty desert and fight, but it’s not likely that the superhero or villian needs to travel there.

And again, you will always have a villian in the movie. That’s just the way the world works: there is good and evil. They cannot exist without each other. So yeah, there will be some evil Transformers. But if you decide to take action on all Transformers without taking into consideration that (1) they are literally chilling in a junkyard doing nothing bad to others, (2) helping you fight Transformers that your guns won’t destroy, or (3) protecting humans from destruction, then you’re just a huge ass. Like number 1, the Autobots are in hiding. They are literally doing nothing in a junkyard. Nothing. Yet the TRF decides that they need to be destroyed. However, if you notice a Decepticon destroying things in its path, then yes, you should go after them and hope that an Autobot helps you out.

This movie brought up something I find in many movies as well (of course I can’t think of any off the top of my head). Mark Walhberg tells the TFR that he never stopped believing in Optimus Prime and the Transformers, but that they did, which resulted in them forming this government position that causes chaos and what not.

The secret society part blew my mind. It was so creative and fascinating. They managed to create a whole new history, while also using previous world history.  First, you got it relating back to the mythology of King Arthur, which is not mythology in this case. Merlin the wizard holds the staff, and the staff is from the Transformers. Second, the sword of Arthur, Excalibur, was a Transformers weapon. Third, they managed to link together Pangaea, what the Earth’s formation used to be. The horns of Unicron (Earth) were “pulled apart.” AND THEN they discover the Stonehedge is the “access point” of where the staff can help Quintessa drain the life of Unicron. Amazing. They linked all that together. That’s unique. That’s creative.

I guess the last thing about this movie that should be appreciated is the special effects. Each movie has FIGHT SCENES of ROBOTS. I understand that animation fight scenes are hard too, but I mean, Transformers are huge. And you want to add the elements of the fight with the humans as well. That just seems difficult. Seriously, there are people who are professionals at this. They are some of the real heroes in the entertainment world.

It may be a “box office disappointment,” but it was still a really good movie.


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