New Assassin Movie “Polar” – A Big, Fun LOL

Netflix brought out a new movie recently called “Polar” and let me tell you, it’s more hilariously bland than it is action entertainment. It was a predictable movie but still was great and intersting. Mads Mikkelsen really made it a fascinating movie with his badass skills and beautiful acting. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

The one thing I noticed is how bored Mads looked in his role as Duncan, a dope assassin with a record so wonderful that he even got a cool name: “The Black Kaiser.” I understood that he was bored because under his assassin company policy, all of them have to retire at the age 50, so now what is he going to do with himself? I guess in the movie world of assassins, they get bored and miss that killing world and they don’t know what to do with themselves. So the entire movie, he looks really bored and done with the world.

A seriously upsetting event is when good ol’ Duncan tried to start a retired life with a dog and the PTSD caused him to shoot and kill the dog. Broke my heart but the nice part is that we never saw the dead body and Duncan buried him. I was grateful for that. And then I laughed when he decided that fish was the better pet to have in his retired life.

I really disliked the character Vivian, mostly because she always picked up the phone saying “Speak.” Ugh, it was so annoying. But she was also very smart. And she told Mr. Blut that she was always right. She predicted that Duncan would come and get them, and that all he needed to do was pay the pension, but Mr. Blut was too stubborn and in the end, got his head chopped off.

Mr. Blut was a typical dumb villian and I hated him too. I more hated his concept that the contract he has with his agents is that when they are 50 and they are killed in action, all of their money goes back to the company. Basically, Mr. Blut never has to pay them anything anymore. I mean, they killed Johnny Knoxville‘s character because he was retired. Yeah, Johnny Knoxville made an apparence there. I laughed at it too. Very entertaining.

It was very predictable in the sense that his PTSD, or that one recurring dream he would have, would come back to haunt him. I didn’t really know what happened in the dream, and I guess that’s the point of it, but there was a survivor to his mission and it was a young girl, who just so happens to be Vanessa Hudgen‘s character, Camille. Honestly, I only heard her name twice. I never even knew her name until Duncan was being tortured. I also still don’t know what this “charity” that he donates to. I understand that the money was used for Camille, but I don’t understand how it all worked out. Is there a charity under her name like “Help Camille Live Her Life” or something?

Anyway, Mads did a good job with this gun-fu scenes. Gave me some serious John Wick vibes. He fought off the hitman gang naked, WHICH WAS HILARIOUS TO ME. He was using a sniper, which meant that he was laying on the snow in Montana…naked. Iconic. And after he was tortured and managed to escape (which was pretty obvious he would get out), he managed to take out all of the guards and just kick some ass. To the point where he really killed so many guards so efficiently and easily that when Mr. Blut needed protecting before Duncan killed him, the guards literally left him behind saying that Mr. Blut is on his own. Again, I laughed. Loved it.

It still felt like an attempt to be as amazing as the John Wick movies, you know, with the dead dog, and the sort of revenge on the assassin world that wronged him, but just didn’t do it quite the same. Although, I appreciate the older guys handling business super well. And by super well, I mean super awesome kick-butt action that entertains us all.

Watch the trailer here.

*Side note: Mads Mikkelson’s character in the end looks just like his character in “The Three Musketeers” reboot.

mads mikkelsen look alike.jpg


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