“Sex Education” Brings Back High School Movie Memories

Netflix has been bringing some hot new shows and movies for us to watch. And they have brought us “Sex Education“. I have mixed feelings about it, but I do know that it was hilarious and awkward. I felt some embarrasement on behalf of the characters, but whatever, right? I do know that I felt like I could predict some of the stories based on previous high school movies and TV shows. SPOILERS AHEAD.

I guess the first thing that reminded me of the old high school entertainment stuff was the stupid bully Adam Groff. Oh man he annoyed me so much. He reminded me of the bully Dave Karofsky in “Glee“, who was bullying Kurt and was secretly gay. So during the show, I had a feeling Adam would be like Dave, and I was right. Adam and Eric had sex to gether and Adam threatened to kill Eric if Eric told anybody about it. Just like what Dave said to Kurt after they kissed too.

Adam also had a bad relationship with his father. That’s a lot of TV shows/movies. But what really frustrated me, but also made me laugh, was when Adam was finally sent to Military school, even after his father warned him many times that he may go there if he doesn’t do better in school. Yes, Mr. Groff was a bit of a douche, and I did feel bad for Adam, but still…Adam brought Military school onto himself. He shows his dick to the school, breaks an urn, has pretty much everyone do his homework, and keeps trying to fight people. He literally wasn’t helping himself prove to his dad that he doesn’t need to go to Military school. You might notice I didn’t list “losing his mom’s dog,” but that’s because that one was a genuine accident as the dog pretty much ran away from him.

Then there are “The Untouchables.” Oh man, when I heard that there was a group name of friends, I couldn’t stop laughing. Immediately thought of “The Plastics” from “Mean Girls“. “The Untouchables” and “The Plastics” were both the popular students group, and they were both bullies. The unique part of the group is that there is a gay student named Anwar, who is pretty much Regina George. Then Aimee is like Cady in that she likes to be popular, but then loses her friends. It’s a tough call with Ruby and Olivia, but I think Ruby is like Gretchen and Olivia is like Karen.

I liked the embarrassing, single mom of the main character, Otis. She’s a sex therapist named Jean and he seems to absorb a lot of what he overhears and probably what she talks about. But she just reminds me of high schoolers/college kids who prefer to have one night stands instead of being in a relationship because they’re scared to commit. And I’m pretty sure that Jean will stop doing one night stands because of Jakob, who she went after again in the season 1 finale.

Finally, Maeve and Otis’ relationship. They open up a sex therpay clinc together, and Otis develops feelings for her. Maeve does not feel the same way. Otis tries to move on with another girl Ola. Maeve realizes she has feelings for him. Maeve misses her chance. Something like this happens in “Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama” (best Disney Channel series and movies). Ron develops feelings for Kim, but misses his chance when Kim gets with Eric and spends increasingly more time with him instead of Ron. So, my prediction is that Otis and Maeve will get together in Season 2, probably near the season finale, Otis is going to have to choose between Ola and Maeve and he will pick Maeve. Maeve might do some gesture or say some speech that will make Otis realize he still loves Maeve and they are meant to be together. But who knows?

Watch the trailer here.


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