Taylor Swift’s Reputation Is Based Off Lies

Interested right? Taylor Swift, such a wonderful, beautiful, magestic, badass woman, has a reputation. I mean, she was always in the news. And I need to say this and sound like a loser wannabe or something, but I’ve always loved Taylor Swift. I was a big enough fan to be like “HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT” but I learned that some people like different things, so I just didn’t try to make them like her.

After reading a BuzzFeed article and constantly passing it on my Netflix account, I decided that it was time to watch Taylor’s tour. First important thing to point out: her production logo is a cat. PERFECT. Cats are wonderful.

taylor swift productions

Her obsession is cats. That’s completely perfect. My obsession is corgis. Same same, right?

Now, let’s talk about Taylor as a person for a moment. Maybe I haven’t been to a lot of concerts live or whatever, but I don’t think I’ve heard of performers introducing their female dancers and singers and telling them they are amazing. Each one called out by their name and they get their own little dance solo. Well, obviously they should. They should be getting the recognition they deserve, so I’m glad they did.

Then she thanks her band. I’ve heard of some performers thanking their bands, but she goes above and beyond (in my opinion at least) and spends “Love Story” and “You Belong to Me” mash-up (which was wonderful) only with them. They are key to her success. And I’d like to think she recognizes it.

AND she thanks the workers. She thanks the people who travel with them, who do security, who build the sets and take them apart, and who clean up. Those people are literally the most important people on a tour. And she thanks them because they deserve it. They deserve the hell out of it. The unsung heroes of our world. All I could think about is the jobs, even though they may be short-term, that this tour had provided to people, or any tour done by any artist. Thank you for that.

Something you might notice throughout the movie (or tour) is that she is SWEATING. Okay, her bangs are a little messy and clumped together from the sweat. She is working her ass off performing for her fans. You might also notice that her voice is a little hoarse. Obviously because she’s been singing all year, so why wouldn’t it be? I remember in Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” tour, there was a part where she had such a hoarse voice from the year-long tour and there was some concern about what to do. And yet, Katy still kept performing. And you can hear it in Taylor’s voice, and yet she will keep going.

A satisfying thing that I noticed while watching was that it was not very clearly all female fans, there were a lot of male fans. And they were not just there to “tag along” with their girlfriends or friends or significant others, but they were there because they wanted to be there. They knew the words. They love her music. And I bring it up because to my understanding, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of male fans for female pop stars. They may be fans of their beauty, but not necessarily of their music. Fun example below of a wonderful, but ficitional, character with his love for Taylor Swift. (Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Episode 21 to see it).

When I was growing up, I remember the magazines and news going ballistic because she was dating so many people. Even when I was younger, this annoyed the hell out of me. I didn’t realize people had such a big problem with a young woman trying to find a man that is best for her. Isn’t that the point of relationships? If you are not happy with the one you are in, you are allowed to go and be in another one? So OBVIOUSLY she would keep trying to hide her relationships.

I know this was a long post, but I just have a lot of thoughts for Taylor Swift and for all her haters. I guess what I’m trying to say that her reputation is full of lies because people make up whatever stories they want about her because they can. But watching a simple concert tour changed people’s perspective of her and truly her reputation is tarnished because people find new ways to attack her. I’m in awe of her; I want to be like her. I want to be able to take all of the lies that are throw my way and brush them off, making decisions for her health and happiness instead of constantly fighting the media and even fellow celebrities just so she can set things right. I respect the hell out of her and I love her so much. As Taylor probably already knows, she has a lot of fans that love her and never want her to change who she is.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour trailer is here.


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