Hotel Artemis Is Dope

An A-list cast in an interesting take in the criminal world, and yet it didn’t get the reviews and appreciation is should’ve. “Hotel Artemis” takes place in the future, and when criminals are injured while on the job (that’s the best way for me to put it), they go to Hotel Artemis to get patched up. You have Jodie Foster as the nurse that takes care of you and knows all the procedures needed to save you, with her lovely and handsome Dave Bautista as her right-hand, making sure the lights work but also taking out the bad guys who are not listening to the nurse when she explains the rules.

I was comparing this movie to “John Wick“, because this too shows a take on the underground assassin world. The assassins have a hotel that they can travel to so they can do business, known as The Continental, and the hotel has rules. One that is similar to Hotel Artemis is “no killing of other guests”.

I am not saying that Hotel Artemis is copying John Wick’s underground world. In fact, it is still a different world here. The nurse has serious anxiety and lives in the hotel and is greiving the loss of her son. She is employed by the mobster that rules Los Angeles, “the Wolf King” (which by the way, is an insanely awesome name for a mob guy), played by the perfect Jeff Goldblum, not by other peaceful assassins like John Wick.

Although there are rules in the facility, things go sideways when some people break the rules. For example, Sofia Boutella‘s character kills the Wolf King, which is against the rules. The nurse brings in a police officer, not a criminal, named Morgan, played by Jenny Slate, who was close with her dead son. It brings a wonderful amount of tension and thrill to the movie.

I am such a huge fan of these kind of action movies. Another comparison I make with it is like the Harry Potter world. This is a world created by JK Rowling with so many new ideas that people probably never thought of. An underground world is something people probably thought of, but never acted on. In fact, I’m sure there are some rules or hotels or hospitals or whatever that the criminal world uses or does that we won’t know about. Yet, someone is willing to bring these concepts to life and give us something to think about.

Some people probably predicted that (SPOILER) that we would find out the nurse’s son was killed by the Wolf King and got the nurse into this business, it still shocked me. I mean, I was wondering how she came to be the nurse for criminals, but it was interesting that because of her alcoholism , she lost her nursing license and started to work at the Hotel Artemis. An interesting take on the next step of a nurse’s life based on grief.

One last thing about the entire situation is the fighting with Sofia Boutella and Dave Bautista. First off, I wish there was more fighting scenes with Bautista shown in this movie because he is a real life badass and I love him. But it was also super dope that he did fend off all of those guys that broke through the gates of Hotel Artemis. Wish I saw him do it all. But Sofia Boutella though. She is a dancer, but I think working in “Kingsman: The Secret Service” really made her attractive to the action movie world. No weapons in Hotel Artemis, yet she will fight off all of these guys, IN A DRESS, using some scalpels and her badass skill. Naturally, we are not positive she survived all of the guys, but there is a glimpse at the end of the movie that suggests she did. As she should’ve, because she is one hell of a lady.



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