Ellen is “Relatable”

Well, the holidays came and went and I failed my goal of trying to post every Sunday. I am working on it…

Ellen DeGeneres was promoting her new Netflix special “Relatable” on Jimmy Kimmel when I heard of it, and I was super excited to see it. I am a huge fan of Ellen and her show, but only that. I had never heard her do stand-up, but I knew she had done it in the past before she got her own talk show.

What made the special really, relatable, was probably to the LGBT community. She did a segment about her coming out, finding work, appearing “straight” on TV before she was fully accepted as a lesbian. She brings it up throughout the show, but most of it starts at about the 6 minute mark of her show. She does a hilarious bit about how they could do a “gay commercial” with her as a representative; promoting people to come out of the closet to be yourself.

I wish I could say I understand how she felt. I wish I knew how people in the LGBT community feel about wanting to come out but being scared of the consequences. There should only be positive consequences to coming out as gay or trans, not negative like Ellen encountered. She said that her and Laura Dern did not find work for quite some time because of Ellen coming out gay.

What makes this so wonderful is that it is funny and refreshing, and she isn’t really poking a lot of fun at herself or the LGBT community, but of the world for not being accepting of others. And proving to others that she can do anything; she can do it all. For heaven’s sake, she has a huge house and is so famous and is capable of giving things away to people because she has the funds, and the heart, to do it. She helped the people come out of their shell to be who they are. She is one of a kind.

My friend said that if a comedian can make you laugh without swearing in every sentence, then they are a good comedian. Ellen swears once, but I was laughing throughout the entire show. I love you Ellen. Never change. And I’m sorry people still give you crap. They can go to hell.


“Relatable” trailer is here.


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