How Did Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon Have the Money to Travel?

Recently, I went to RedBox and decided to rent so many movies. Thank the gods they exist. I didn’t get to see some movies in theater, so they give us access to the DVDs for a really good deal. I could save money watching it three times instead of going to a theater.

Anyway, I rented “The Spy Who Dumped Me,” and it was interesting. I didn’t have many expectations, aside from the fact that it would be funny. And it was. Kate McKinnon is quite the comedian and she is also really pretty. And so is Mila Kunis. But the thing that bugged me the most during that entire thing was HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY HAVE SO MUCH MONEY?

First off, in this day and age, flights to Europe can be expensive as balls. And they did so many different trips! And bought so many clothes. From Los Angeles to Vienna can be about $814 (but there was one that I found that was $636). And for two passengers, that could be $1,628 (and the cheapest one was $1,272).

Then they went from Vienna to Prague, which was maybe $450 round trip for two passengers. But that is a flight, and maybe taking a train was a lot cheaper. I can’t find a lot of numbers for that…or maybe I just didn’t look hard enough. Not horrible, but again, they also had to get to the friend Roger’s apartment somehow, and I’m assuming it wasn’t cheap. Who knows for sure?

THEN they go to Amsterdam. That’s another $260 for a round trip, assuming they took a plane again. And finally, they land in Berlin, whic is $142 round trip for a flight. That’s a lot of traveling that I wish I could do…but just based on the travel alone, my estimate is that they spent $3,294. How, how, HOW did they afford that? Don’t they work as cashiers? I’m assuming at some supermarket and I don’t think they make THAT much money there.

Either way, it still was an intersting movie and although I knew that Justin Theroux‘s character survived, I honestly didn’t know which guy (Drew or Sebastian) was the good guy, which made it that much better. For once, you really didn’t know what to expect, and I liked that. You can predict some movies based on the many that have already been made, but I really enjoyed the twist.


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