“The Christmas Chronicles” Nearly Has The Whole Family!

New movie from Netflix for the wonderful 2018 Christmas: “The Christmas Chronicles.” Title character of Santa Claus is the perfectly wonderful Kurt Russell, whom I love and find still quite attractive with that beard, even though he is 67. It is a great take on who Santa Claus is and his powers in the world. *SPOILER ALERTS BELOW*

Now, even though Santa Claus is a myth (?) or something, the take on him is very different this time. The technology is amazing, and you can see bits of Harry Potter in it, as producers from that franchise were a part of the movie (Chris Columbus and Mark Radcliffe). For instance, Santa’s bag filled with toys. The photos and tales all have him carrying a large red bag. But there is no way it can contain ALL the toys in the world for every single person. Then you watch Kate go into the bag, and you notice that it’s endless. There is a whole room there with elves and more presents.

And then the sleigh itself. It’s got something that let’s Santa travel to all the cities and towns in the world in less than a second, so he is able to get to as all the places he needs to. Even the traveling path that the sleigh goes through kind of reminds you of Harry Potter, with the waves of blue and white. And even Santa doing his little teleportation is just like Harry Potter and “Apparition”.

What I believe is the best about this movie is that nearly the whole family of Kurt Russell made it into the movie: Doug, the kids father, is Oliver Hudson, who is Kurt’s stepson, and Mrs. Claus, who is Goldie Hawn, wonderful wife and mother. Now that’s a good family movie for sure.

Has anyone noticed though that when it comes to the cities that that pop up, they are never small town areas? And we never really know if they were visited? For example, they were speed racing through North America and the cities that popped up were Honolulu and Anchorage and Chicago, but what about smaller ones like Des Moines, Washington State, or Provo, Utah? I’m sure that he made it, but still, why don’t we ever get to see them? Why don’t we get to see Santa land in those cities?

Anyway, love you Netflix and Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn and Oliver Hudson and Santa Claus and all other cast members and crew involved in the making of this movie.


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