Brooklyn Nine-Nine Has The Best Relationships

I am so glad that this show will not end. I love you “Brooklyn Nine-Nine“. Why did you even think to cancel it Fox? Thank you NBC for saving it. This is also PROOF of how powerful social media is. Buzzfeed put up some good articles about it; which you can see below:

29 Reasons Why “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Is Precious and We must Save it From Cancellation

Fox Has Canceled “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” And People Are Really Upset About It

We have great actors, a great storyline, and great plots. It’s a good take on cop shows, as it appears more realistic in terms of how long it takes to catch criminals and how they catch criminals, tackling tough issues in a really polite, but funny matter, and my favorite is the relationship aspects. Spoiler alerts below if you haven’t binged watched it yet.

First, we have Jake and Amy, which everyone knows a lot about as the season finale ended with them getting married. What is refreshing about this is that there is no “on-off” relationship to it. Some dramas or sit-coms tend to do that a lot to keep things interesting. But this one stays strong, even through all the hard parts. And I respect the hell out of Amy for waiting for Jake during the times when he was in witness protection and when he went to jail. And then I respect Jake for waiting for Amy while she was undercover in prison.

It is also a good take on how opposites attract and how people can grow and learn more about themselves and life. How people can still get through all the rough times and make their relationships stronger. This is similar with Captain Holt and Kevin. Kevin doesn’t like cops because of how they treated Holt, but he still is kind to the 99 and seems to be grateful that there are people who have Holt’s back. The two have had rough patches, but again, they managed to get through it. They manage to keep standing regardless of it being a inter-racial gay couple.

Those are my two favorite examples, and I know they may be the popular ones, but they are the strongest ones that I respect and love watching about. The friendships and family aspects of the 99 squad is also so amazing and it does show us to be supportive and respectful to each other.

Thank you “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” for being a spectacular show and using your popularity to bring on the tough issues (such as Terry being stopped by a cop for being black or gay marriage). Thank you for being a hilarious show and for bringing something new to the table. And thank you NBC for still beliving in them. Still unsure on why Fox thought it was a good idea to do considering they had excellent ratings?


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