Emperor’s New Groove is a Legendary Movie

I really love Disney, and all the older animation movies were truly amazing. Great example is The Emperor’s New Groove. You have Kuzco, such a young emperor who has no idea what he really is doing, but is enjoying the high life. And the advisor named Ezma, “proof that dinosaurs onced roamed the earth”, with her little assistant named Kronk, who is a little bit of a idiot. Pacha is the sweet villager, who pretty much influences Kuzco to be a better person.

Now with Kuzco as the narrator, it kind of has a bit of fourth wall breaking. At one point, Kuzco the llama acknowledges the narrator Kuzco and tells him to shut up because the narrator’s story is kind of a lie at that point. The best one is the scene where Ezma and Kronk and Kuzco and Pacha are trying to race to the palace to get the correct vile to change Kuzco back to a human. Ezma and Kronk realize that they are leaving tracks of blue as they run, and then when they beat Kuzco and Pacha to the palace, Kronk acknowledges the map with the two parties racing and saying that “it doesn’t make sense”. Honestly, iconic.

There is just so many great things about this movie, like Pacha’s family teasing Ezma, and the alligator that appears when you press the wrong lever, how Kuzco knows that Ezma has a “secret lab”, and then that they drain a canal through the nostrils of the palace? I love it. And it’s so funny how the vile with the human essence is SO durable. I mean, in the final scene, it keeps crashing and bouncing and falling, and it still didn’t break! And it had the sound effects of a glass bottle, so that is seriously amazing. I wish there were glasses with that durability; I keep breaking mine whenever I drop it from my wasitline.

I know they made a sequel called “Kronk’s New Groove“, and it is also hilarious, but sequels are never really as good as the first one. But it was still great to have all the characters come back and just be as amazing as they are. I love you Disney. Make something like this again!


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