I Hope They Never Cancel “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

It’s unclear to me how popular stand-up comedy is, although I know we have many popular comedians, but how popular is improvised comedy? “Whose Line is it Anyway?” proves to be such an amazing show for improvised comedy, and it’s almost better than stand-up comedians.

There is always something different going on during the show. It’s exciting to see what they will do next. It’s new and fresh; it’s unique. You hear a lot about how some movies or tv shows had some of the best improvised moments, such as Chris Pratt with his diagnosis line from Season 3 of “Parks and Rec“.




And it gets a lot of buzz for that TV show or movie. “Whose Line is it Anyway?” gives us new things to think about, new jokes, new topics, and more laughter. They canceled it once in 2007, but they brought it back in 2013, with a new host Aisha Tyler, who isn’t the same as Drew Carrey, but still works to generate more popularity that this show deserves.

Even Buzzfeed has brought back this show with a post about why this show is the funniest ever. If Buzzfeed said something about it, then it usually gains more popularity. At least that’s what I think.

I hope the cast never dies, and I hope the TV show never dies. 10/10 funniest show ever. Also, respect to the cast. It’s amazing that they can come up with that kind of stuff on the spot and generate a huge amount of laughter.



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