Adam Really Does Ruin Everything

Adam Ruins Everything appeared on Netflix, and unfortunately it was only the first collection, but it was enough for me to be in love with it. Because Adam Conover really does ruin everything and I love it. There are hilarious acting abilities from people, and quotes, and also they throw in some animation and CGI.

I hadn’t heard of the original series that started on CollegeHumor, but I am glad it made it onto the TV screen. It brings out such important points in life, and really interesting facts. It is incredibly controversial, and there are many opinions out there and it tries to make people think differently. It does source its work, and even provides the resource for you to look up yourself. I do believe it tries to find the sources that all people would trust.

Based on the first collection I’ve watched, I think there are two that would really ruin everything for people: Adam Ruins Weddings and Adam Ruins Immigration. These topics can be incredibly controversial, especially immigration in these times. I like to think of myself with an open mind, but regardless, it was still interesting to hear all of these facts about the two. I do apologize for people who are offended by these things, but I do hope that you will keep an open mind.

I think one that Adam really does ruin is summer fun. It made me a little upset for sure that summer vacation wasn’t really that good for kids, and also what we liked to do for summer fun was kind of crappy. For example, there was the copyright and Disney situation that they talk about. That is really crappy (I think you should read it for yourself).

Overall though, thanks Adam for actually bringing these topics to light on a TV show for people to see. I do hope there isn’t too much hate coming from people and that you guys keep going.


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