I can’t believe Deadpool found Francis

The movie Deadpool is hilarious and I know that people love the character and were so happy when it came out. And I love Marvel so much, and I almost wish I had liked it before it was cool.

But what was so interesting about this movie is that Deadpool, or Wade, found Francis. This was brought up on the internet; he kept asking where Francis was, but Francis introduces himself as “Ajax”, so nobody would know who Wade was talking about! But, what about the fact that Wade keeps asking the people where Francis is and then literally killing them the next second. He barley gives them time to answer his question, so then how did he figure out more parts of Francis’ operations, or where to find the people, or where Francis is?

There is a scene dedicated to Wade going through Francis’ crew and killing them, which I’m sure he really enjoyed as well. But again, he asks the question “Where’s Francis?” and literally killed everyone in the room before anybody would answer his question. How did he figure out who was in the crew and how to find the next person? How?

Clearly Wade is a crazy talented super-human being, but what the hell man? I’m so confused. How did he find everyone? And then there is the fact that on his board of people to go after, Francis is at the top with a crown on his head. Where did he find the picture of Francis? On the internet? And if so, couldn’t that have told him where Francis was?

Just some unanswered questions here…



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