Thank you Scott Pilgrim

I love the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” It is a gift from the entertainment industry of an awkward dude who kicks some serious ass to date a girl. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. But let’s be real here, would you expect someone like Michael Cera to be that ass-kicking dude? Maybe not, but he is the best option for this character.

I unfortunately have not read the comics, so I can’t pretend I know if the character representation is on point or not, but this is an amazing, hilarious character. I don’t think anyone expected him to bust out some serious movies during the first fight. I mean, I assume that some people expect big guys or girls with muscles and a tough face to be able to take on a dude trying to pick a fight. But the character Scott Pilgrim can do just that. He can kick some serious ass.

I do want to know how much of it is actually Michael Cera throwing all the kicks and punches, and if it isn’t all him, thank you stunt doubles for looking so awesome in it. Also, they fought Captain America (Chris Evans)? Or I guess the Human Torch. And then he also fought Superman, also Atom from DC (Brandon Routh). Superhero actors in this movie? Amazing. One iconic moment: when the Vegan Academy shows up.

I wish it got more better reviews and wasn’t considered a bust in the box office. But thank goodness the Internet loves this movie. Thank goodness there are memes to keep it going. Thank goodness Netflix put it on for this month (and hopefully FOREVER).


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