Mai Su from “Next Gen” is a Butt

I recently watched “Next Gen”, the original movie on Netflix, and let me tell you, I was irritated the entire time. I do feel bad for Mai because her parents are separated and her mom is widowed and what not, but her hate for robots was a little much.

I am curious if robots will replace literally everything in life, and we can see in this movie it almost does. So when the scientist Dr. Tanner Rice invented the robot that would destroy other robots, I thought it was ironic, but fascinating. I love 7723. John Krasinski is dope. But Mai…I mean, the way she took advantage of him. She is the definition of an power abuser.

Now, 7723 is illegal, I guess, but what Mai was doing was so much worse. It doesn’t matter if it was illegal or not, it was rude and destructive. She took advantage of a robot who was powerful and capable of doing dangerous things just for her own happiness. That is horrible. She made him destroy robots because she decided that they deserved it. But what about the people who enjoy the robots? What about Greenwood and her Q-bot? It does suck that Mai was beat up by the Q-bots, but that is somebody’s robot. Destroying the robot for revenge sucks. They obviously have a connection with the robot and love the robot. The robot can be seen as a dog, and for people who love dogs, that is just horrible.

What about the fact that her hate for robots comes from her mother unintentionally neglecting her? Her mother was lonely so she decided to invest heavily in robots, and yes, her mother should have started to pay more attention to her, but that doesn’t mean that Mai can use 7723 to destroy robots because she feels alone. She does not deserve to have that power. And 7723 should never have apologized to her for anything. I’m so glad that he started to feel bad about all of the destroying and stuff, but he really shouldn’t have apologized or try to make things right with her because that just gave her more power. She is manipulative to someone new. And that’s not right. I hated this movie…sorry Netflix.



  1. Well, I liked this movie and I don’t feel worried ’bout how paintfull was for someone else, take it easy v:(? I’ts just a movie, no robots were harmed or killed in the making of this film, it’s just polygons in a digitalized enviroment with their coordinates translated in x,y,z axis every 0.0434782609 seconds (?


    • Sorry if you feel offended…like you said, “it’s just a movie”. People are allowed to feel uncomfortable with it, and I did, but you didn’t. So you can tell everyone you enjoy it, and I can tell people I didn’t. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.


      • No,no. I don’t feel offended with your redaction xD I am not the producer director e.e Just was saying there is no reason to make this article with “a pinch of angry” or “hate”. Nothing else šŸ™‚ Don’t delete or edit this article (if you know what I mean.. Je… Yes, I saw it e.e), but for yourself in your redactions I suggest avoid producing this for your lectors: my method to find this article is search in google “mai su next gen butt” xD

        I think this movie is a little polemical, but that is ’cause bad redaction or someone failing in synopsis or something like that (you’re not the only who disklike this movie, and I don’t blame you, I seen other fails like so much “introduction” and small “ending” etc.)

        In my notion about this movie, I think that my life experiencie was like Mai’s position in the society, and I can undestand what she feels when she says “look at us, a broken robot and a broken girl”. But I must admit those feelings expresed with every idea/concept in this movie don’t help with the synopsis of “facing that feelings”. If I feel depressed I don’t go ahead with sadistic wishes of shootin’ to every living thing in the world with my plasma laser guns.

        But nobody is perfect, except Inside-out producer team, that movie was a master piece (? Okno

        Thank you for your time šŸ™‚


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