Thank You “Magic for Humans” Netflix

“Magic for Humans” is a Netflix original series of a magician Justin Willman tackling topics we all think about, like guilt and love. Best part? It’s done with comedy and magic.

Now, lots of people assume magic is not real; that this is a slight-of-hand trick or an illusion, but dang it, these are effing good tricks. In the first episode, he literally coughs up marshmallows after marshmallows until there is a pile full. I don’t even know how that’s possible. It just blows my mind.

In another episode, he literally threw someone’s iPhone into the water and managed to catch it in a glass bottle and pulled it back to the girl with no water damage. It just blew my mind. How is it even possible?!?

Then he has funny segments too that appear. First one you see is “Magic for Susans”, with a lovely intro that sounds like a guy trying to mix his own song with his not-so-good voice that says “Magic for Susans”. Then there is “Trick Questions”. He tells them to watch the trick and then he will ask a question. And people think that the question will be about the trick: how did he do it perhaps. But in reality, he just asks a silly question that has absolutely nothing to do with the trick that just happen.

Now there is an iconic clip of Willman tricking two guys that they are invisible with a crowd playing along with him in episode 4. That was absolutely hilarious. I was laughing until I was in tears because it was just amazing.


Literally, this guy really thinks he is invisible and his mind is blown. I was cracking up.

Bless the gods for Netflix and for providing us with a gift of a show. Next time, can we have more than SIX episodes? They were only average 26 minutes long and I needed more! Give me more!


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