Simon Has the Worst Friends Ever

I watched Love, Simon the other day, and it was quite a beautiful movie. But let’s be real here, the moment when his secret is out, and his friends realize that he did some shady stuff to keep it a secret and then decided not to talk to him, that’s the moment I realized his friends suck. Spoiler alert.

First, there is Martin, who isn’t actually his friend and more of a douchebag, who was blackmailing Simon into getting him together with Abby. But come on Martin, Simon can only do so much. It’s not like he can make Abby like you. All he can do is get you two in the same room and hope that she likes you. And after Martin’s failed attempt to ask Abby out publicly, he decides that he needs to reveal Simon’s secret instead of ride the wave of embarrassment. Martin, I am truly sorry for the awkward incident, but you can get past it. Rejection happens in life. You can move on.

So Simon has been trying to keep his secret by get involved in between Nick and Abby’s chemistry. Honestly, “ruin” or “sabotage” is a horrible word for it, as he wasn’t really trying to do either of those things. Those were really gentle attempts on getting Nick to move past Abby. It did kind of suck that he got Nick to ask out Leah because Simon though Leah liked Nick, but I’m sure you guys can also move past it. It was a moment that happened, and that’s that.

Now Martin exposed Simon’s secret to the school through that school gossip blog. And he has a difficult time going through that wave because he didn’t want it to be revealed. Not yet at least. Good for him for telling his family, and I love is family. Then comes time for school and for Simon to pick up his friends. And they are assholes to him. Sure, Simon’s friends reached out to him after his secret was exposed and Simon ignored them, but that doesn’t give them any right to act so poorly towards him. Deal with it. He wasn’t ready to talk to you guys about it.

Then they get pissed because of what he was doing while Martin was blackmailing him. Abby and Nick got mad at Simon for trying to keep them apart. And he explained that Martin was blackmailing him and they didn’t really care that he wasn’t ready to tell all his friends his secret. They didn’t care that his secret was outed by someone, and it wasn’t on his terms. How uncomfortable do you think Simon feels right now? How depressed do you think Simon feels right now? He is about to go back to school after Christmas break, with people stirring up the fact that he’s gay, and his friends don’t even want to talk to him. Some kind of support they provided.

Leah was upset that Simon thought she was in love with Nick, but she seriously acted poorly too. She didn’t have to side with Nick and Abby in terms of Simon’s actions, but the least she could do is separate herself and say “Hey, I need time away from you to get over you” and just take a couple of days. They were literally the worst “best” friends to Simon, especially during a time when he was really stressed and anxious about the day he would reveal he was gay. Glad they became friends again, but Simon shouldn’t have been the one to apologize first. His friends should have apologized for the way they reacted to his blackmailing situation and then Simon could have apologized.

I hope friends are better than this. I hope friends take the time to understand how others feel and think more before they act.

“Love, Simon” movie is still pretty damn dope. I definitely cried. Simon and Bram forever ❤



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