Suicide Squad’s Underappreciated Character

I’ve watched Suicide Squad quite a few times, and I don’t think Jonny Frost’s name was every mentioned. But let’s be real here: he was a badass. He may have had a minor role in the movie, but he is a dope right-hand man to the Joker.

Jim Parrack looks super cool in his role; calm, chill, slick. Except for in his Wikipedia profile. He looks kind of like a pedophile…sorry. It’s the mustache. I still respect you, I swear.

I want him as my bodyguard. He just fits the role of a stern, dope right-hand man. That first introduction of him was just…great. A man who respects the Joker and knows him enough to tell Monster T don’t shake the Joker’s hand. Looks like a savior, a king, when he gives money to henchmen so the Joker can talk to the Alpha Guard Griggs. He looks so awesome when he’s shooting the gun while the Joker tries to get Harley Quinn.

I wish they gave him more lines or time. I honestly feel like he made the Joker look so much cooler. I don’t like Jared Leto as the Joker, but you have to admit, having Jonny Frost as your bodyguard, right-hand man, whatever he is, is pretty amazing. He makes the Joker look like a respected villain.

Thank you Jim Parrack for making Suicide Squad just a little cooler. Now I’m going to look up more about Jonny Frost and his background in the DC comics because he sounds great.




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