Cats and Medicine

It’s so easy to give your dog their medicine. It can be flavored and/or chewable, and it’s easy for them to just eat it up; it’s a treat for them. Even if it’s a capsule, you can put peanut butter on it or even wrap it around in bread and they will still eat it. And if you have to give them liquid medicine, they still tolerate it with grace.

But my gods, giving cats medicine is heartbreaking and difficult. They don’t normally eat things off the counter because it seems like food, or lick off crumbs from the table. So when the cat needs medicine, how the hell are you supposed to give it to them nicely? I feel like I am torturing or abusing my cat. I have to force open their mouth and thrust a pill to the back of their throat and make sure they swallow it, while I still hold their mouth open. Even if it’s the liquid form, I would still have to force open their mouth and put the medicine down their throat. I feel like a horrible human being.

I can’t think of something to do that will make me less of a monster. I like to think of myself of a good person to my cat; I am not going to abuse her like those people you see on the news that are arrested for such a task. But just trying to keep them alive and heal them with medicine makes me feel like I am one of those people.

One of the safe ways I was thinking about when it comes to providing the cats medicine is mixing it up in their food, whether it is liquid or not, but cats are smart too. They would know it doesn’t go with their food. And I haven’t found any flavored medicine that they could chew on as a treat or you could mix in well with your cat food. I don’t want to feel like an abusive parent to my perfect cat whom I also think of as my child. The best solution to the problem that is nearly impossible: don’t let you cat get sick or injured to the point where they require medicine.

Thank the gods cats are as understanding as dogs when it comes to medicine.


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  1. Awww I love cats too, In my home I have two that they are sisters and one of them must eat her medicine (ear inflamation) every 12 hours and the first days was just like you tell, open the mouth… and the situation is awful, but after a week of trying, the best way that I found to “pleasure her” was crush the tablets over a paper sheet and mixing the “dust” in a little portion of “wet food” (1/2 bag of “whiskas chicken 85gr”) and this is my routine today, (a least one month of treatment, maybe more), I liked reading your blog, thanks for writting 🙂


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