Dear Netflix…

Netflix is one of the greatest items of technology that was created by humans. But hear me out Netflix, you got some seriously good shows, but have you considered a “shuffle mode” for your TV shows that have more than 5 seasons?

Consider Friends. What a wonderful show. When cable was sort of cheap and the only option there was that was legal, the stations would play random ones during a time frame. It wasn’t Season 7 Episode 6 for the first half hour, then Season 7 Episode 7 for the second half hour; it was Season 4 Episode 3 for the first half hour and then Season 1 Episode 6 for the second half hour. It was almost exciting to see what episode they would play next.

I’m sure that nearly half the population of the United States has watched Friends in its entirety, but let’s mix it up a little. Let’s watch all the seasons of friends…in a random order. Personally, I get bored watching all the episodes in order; I know what will happen next. I’ll still binge watch it, but once you’ve watched them all, it’s kind of hard to be excited about the next episode if you know exactly what will be happening. Mix it up! Show us the same episode we have probably watched 10 times…but after we watch a completely different episode from a completely different season 10 times.

Then there is the criminal/cop shows. There is always a new case that doesn’t work into their personal lives timeline. It’s their everyday job with something new going on. Binge watching it in order is not a problem, but after a while, you still will know what will happen in the next episode after a while.

I am obsessed with Criminal Minds. And I have watched the series so many times, I know what case is next after one finishes. They are all great cases, but I don’t want to be able to predict what the next case is. Jumping around it all keeps the binge watching interesting

Netflix, I’m sure you know the shows that people have watched and re-watched many times. Use that data and generate this feature. I will still be watching the same series over and over again, but I am always looking for a new way to enjoy them for the 12th time or so.

Hear me out man. Sincerely, my brain.


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